Meet the Northsiders

Chill vibes are the name of the game in the north. If you want to hang back and loose, you can prawn at ORTO, Singapore’s largest prawning facility, or get a spot of fresh water from the Sembawang hot springs. We love a good relaxing day! Be careful though, of the perils that await you in Yishun...



Age: 28
Shaykh, otherwise known as shaykhandbake, is a music producer based in Singapore. The multi-faceted musician studied at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Goldsmiths’ College, the University of London in 2016. He has produced many genres – spanning from punk rock to pop, hip hop and R&B music. This has enabled him to work with Asia’s leading acts from Warner Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music. With his global repertoire and work experience, shaykhandbake and his team founded Noivil Studios in Singapore.



Age: 26
Singer-songwriter KHAi draws inspiration from the likes of Lewis Watson, Bruno Major, Nick Wilson and Damien Rice. His top single “Victoria '' has garnered regional and international attention landing media coverage in the US, the UK, Malaysia and Singapore. His heartbreak anthem, ’Wanderlust’, also aired in The Philippines’s Radio Station JAM 88.3 in the first week of its release under their ‘New Music Monday’ segment. KHAi has always had a nebulous approach when it comes to his craft of songwriting and weaves around the imaginary boundaries of each genre.

Josh Makazo


Age: 18
Josh Makazo’s introduction to music production started at the age of 12, with a short background in musical theatre and performances in ChildAid Concerts in 2015 and 2016. From creating the instrumental for his debut single “Awhile” at the age of 14, to his recent release of “TEAM V2”, Josh draws from a variety of personal experiences and combines dark melodicism with elements of ambient pop, hip-hop and ominous R&B. His music is inspired by genre-bending influences such as Bryson Tiller, Aftertheparty and MANILA GREY.

Dominic Chin


Age: 26
Having covered songs on YouTube since 2010, singer-songwriter Dominic Chin has garnered over 9.47k subscribers and over 1.57 million views. In 2018, he released his debut single “CLSE2U”. His single “BETTER” gained more commercial success with over 144.7k streams on Spotify and was listed on major playlists all over the world, especially in Thailand, Korea & Taiwan. On the week of the release of his debut album “License To Cry”, he was featured as the Artist of The Week on Apple Music Greater China.

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