Meet the Eastsiders

Windy beaches and clear blue skies - the last time your heart beat you were in the East. It's arguably the most romantic place to be. Nothing says love like a warm bowl of spicy Katong laksa, when we want to feast, the place to be is the east.



Age: 32
Evan Low, otherwise known as evanturetime, is a music producer based in Singapore. Graduating from Berklee College of Music with a major in Professional Music, he has engineered for international artists such as David Foster and Nathan East, and composed for international brands such as Adidas and eBay. Closer to home, he has worked with artists such as Nathan Hartono, Linying, The Sam Willows and inch. He has also done multidisciplinary works in collaboration with Sam Lo and stalwart cool kids O School. He was also the co-founder and former creative lead of Zendyll Music.

Marian Carmel


Age: 24
Singer-songwriter Marian Carmel is influenced by the soulful R&B tunes of Emily King, Lianne La Havas, and Sabrina Claudio. The singer-songwriter has also collaborated with many artists around the globe, including Tokimeki Records, LEW, and electro-jazz duo Mantra Vutura. Marian’s first release was ‘Thursday’, which she performed with Axel Brizzy. The track won “Best Song to Sing Along to” at the Singapore Youth Music Awards 2019 and has garnered over a million streams on Spotify. Her debut solo single, ‘Might Never Get Better’, was released in 2019, and debuted in 10 Spotify-curated playlists all over the world.

Estelle Fly


Age: 28, IM STILL 28! Fine I’m 29, only by this December
Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress Estelle Fly is deeply inspired by the works of IU and Taeyeon and english acts like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, the singer-dancer combines K-Pop sensibilities with a blend of R&B and dance beats. She is known for being one of the four-piece Japanese idol group Sea*A, but has since gone solo and is making waves in the industry on her own. Her raw personality and disposition captures the interest of youths today. Estelle also has a growing pool of YouTube subscribers and following on Instagram.



Age: 19
Shye’s music is described as a mixture of bedroom pop, electro-pop & indie-pop. Since winning Vans Musicians Wanted in 2018 at the age of 16, she has since gone on to perform for House of Vans Guangzhou. Shye has also become the youngest to win an award at the inaugural Youth Music Awards in Singapore in January 2019. She has also opened for international acts such as Superorganism, Clairo and Sales at their concerts in Singapore. She has also been invited to play at Baybeats, a music festival in Singapore and Urbanscapes in KL.

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