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Watch the music videos for each zone’s song here.
Bright City, Grey Skies – Daniel Sid, Jaarvis, jaye, & J.SON (Official Visualiser)
Come chill with the boys from South-Central with this guitar driven R&B tune. After a long day in the Bright City with Grey Skies, all any of us want is to kick back and relax with people that vibe.
Movin’ On – Dominic Chin, Josh Makazo, KHAi, & shaykhandbake (Official Visualiser)
The North boys bring the heat with their pumping track "Movin' On". With driven synths and a killer bass line to boot, this track is sure to have you bouncing.
Get To Me – Estelle Fly, evanturetime, Marian Carmel, & Shye (Official Video)
Catch the meme girls Estelle Fly, Marian Carmel & Shye with evanturetime as he hunts down the culprit in the curious case of the cat in Hougang. A bully is running amok, and evan the evanturetime is the only one who can stop them in his alter-ego. Will he get to them?
West Side Story – Aisyah Aziz, HAVEN, Joie Tan & RIIDEM (Official Visualiser)
Everyone loves a good diss track, and the West Side serves it cold like a gucci sushi. Purely acapella, you heard it from their lips (quite literally) first, West Side be the Best Side.

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