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Episode 1

The boys from South/Central take us to town, to the shopping malls they used to hang out at, and descend 17 stories from the sky.

Episode 2

It's a Scary Scary Sunday in the North as they explore haunted housing blocks in Woodlands and spend the night with Singapore's deadliest animals.

Episode 3

We join the east-siders for a relaxing day out in their domain, where they pick up seeds, drink nostalgic bubble tea, and skate around a magical rink.

Episode 4

In the Wild Wild West, a world of scientific knowledge awaits and a couple of ferocious baby goats... The west-siders show us what is up.

Episode 5

It is Day 1 of the Challenges and we are in the South Central turf. Our artists go head to head: in style, in searching for treasures, and in being the best ball.

Episode 6

Day 2 of the Challenges bring our artists face-to-face with the perils of the North: gut-wrenching concoctions, prawn pincers, and ninja trails.

Episode 7

It is Day 3 of the Challenges and our artists are devising the east coast plan, smashing plasma screens and pouring thier love into homemade laksa.

Episode 8

On the final day of the Challenges, our artists take a journey to the West and channel their inner potter and racer. Then, they eat satay. Lots of satay.

Episode 9

The artists put their creativity together to create a song with whatever resources they have and the wild cards that have been thrown their way.

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