Dominic Chin


Age: 26
Hobby: 1. rewatching films i've already watched 2. doing BodyAttack by LesMills 3. go for long walks & rollerblading

Short Description

Having covered songs on YouTube since 2010, singer-songwriter Dominic Chin has garnered over 9.47k subscribers and over 1.57 million views. In 2018, he released his debut single “CLSE2U”. His single “BETTER” gained more commercial success with over 144.7k streams on Spotify and was listed on major playlists all over the world, especially in Thailand, Korea & Taiwan. On the week of the release of his debut album “License To Cry”, he was featured as the Artist of The Week on Apple Music Greater China.



Neighbourhood estate

Yew Tee

Fun facts

1) i once weighed over 115kg
2) i can eat dumplings every meal of the day for a month & not get bored
3) coke zero is my best friend

Good Food Near Me

i) dumplings shops, both of them are located at the Kopitiam upstairs
ii) 2$ carrot cake at the small coffeeshop at the MRT station when you turn right from exiting the station
iii) Subway, eat fresh!


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