Age: 29
Hobby: Beer, guitar, creating video content, Fifa, playing football, traveling, doing unorthodox things because I can, taking a s*** (I’m serious)

Short Description

Jaarvis is a musical artist and comedian with a strong personality and a set of beliefs that is known to be unorthodox. Jaarvis was heavily involved in the local music scene growing up. He decided to pursue a career in music – all while juggling a full-time job in the media industry and full-time studies. He is an extremist when it comes to doing things he loves and has never bothered about what society feels about his antics and the way he presents himself on social media.


Rock, Pop

Neighbourhood estate

Telok Blangah

Fun facts

I never planned or wanted to be a cockfluencer. It just happened. I am in 4 Black/Death Metal bands of which I compose all music and play all instruments in 1 of them. Picked up smoking at 9 and stopped at 28.

Good Food Near Me

Telok Blangah Market’s Mee Goreng and Carrot Cake. Fong Seng Nasi Lemak at Pasir Panjang.


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